What Is JERBO Scrum Tool?

JERBO was designed for Scrum methodology and contains just those features which help you to plan and track your Scrum projects. It is a better and more interesting and organized way to Scrum for the team.

JERBO is a free web-based application which facilitates project development with Scrum. It helps to focus on getting things done leaving the agile team freedom to find its own way to do Scrum.

If you are new to Scrum, you definitely need to read some books about the Scrum methodology and some stories about how it has been done by others, especially who are doing it well. As Scrum is just a set of general guidelines and principles and there is no manual telling you how exactly to do it, you will need to experiment and continuously adapt the process to find your own way to do your project in an agile way based on your project context.

Simple and well-focused Scrum tool like JERBO will be very helpful in doing Scrum in a more effective way and increasing collaboration, transparency and flexibility to adapt to the emerging business realities.

“Scrum and XP from the Trenches” , by Henrik Kniberg has provided the JERBO team with lots of inspiration and ideas. We highly recommend this book for JERBO users and those who want to know good stories about how other teams do Scrum.

Why Try Our Scrum Tool JERBO?

We believe that JERBO will make it simple to start scrumming and execute your Scrum project effectively.

If you have already used whiteboard or spreadsheets to do Scrum, then you probably started thinking about how to do it better. Those means could still be good in some cases but definitely not enough when you need to share project information and your team is geographically distributed, or you need to limit access to some project information, or you need to run reports and track project history.

JERBO is free, simple, easy to use and install, and contains everything you need for scrumming. It is a web application which contains only four screens: one to manage users and project access, and other three for project development with Scrum.

JERBO will become your Scrum software if you are looking for a simple and focused Scrum planning application with the following features:

  • Users and project access management
  • Project, release, sprint and sprint team planning
  • Sprint estimation and estimated velocity calculation
  • Release, sprint backlog maintenance [stories and tasks]
  • Sprint task board maintenance
  • Sprint burndown
  • Sprint report